Update 250320: Measures for reducing risk of COVID-19

As I am sure you are aware the Government has announced that the MCO (Movement Control Order) has been extended until 14th April 2020. Therefore, we will keep the school closed to everyone until this date. Please note that during this time, it is not permissible for parents to visit the school for any reason.  We must adhere to the government’s measures.

Our main concern during this period is that you and your children see as little disruption to learning as possible and therefore will continue with online lessons as we have been doing so far. Obviously, this extension will cover the period of the APIS holidays from the 6th April to 17th April 2020 (inclusive) and our intention is to keep to these dates.

We continue to develop our approach to distance learning initiatives and we are amazed by the energy, enthusiasm and dedication of our students and teachers.   We are also very grateful for the support parents are providing everyday so our children continue to learn.  Please continue to check your email regularly for an update on how your child can access and use our distance learning materials. 

We realise this is an unsettling period and we are here to provide support and advice to you and your child. We will continue to inform you of any news when we receive it. We will also be providing regular updates on our website and social media accounts.

Please continue to follow advice about COVID-19 and monitor your family’s health at home. If you or any family members have any respiratory symptoms (cough, cold, fever, sore throat), we ask that they seek medical advice. Please keep us informed if your child show or is diagnosed with COVID-19 so that we know why they are unable to attend online learning.

As you know the situation continues to change on a daily basis, and we will continue to monitor further developments very closely and keep in regular contact with you. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in our efforts to keep our students and the school environment safe.

Yours sincerely,
Rob Reed
Executive Principal
Asia Pacific Schools